Monday work rant

racing to get nowhere
faster and faster we go
looking everywhere
except where we should focus
over analyzing
but forgetting the simple things

frustration mounting
until there’s a pop
an explosion
and we lash out
like wild animals
caged too long
in traps of our own making

self serving in a twisted way
subsisting on gluttony
needing more, more!
but what happens
when we run out of room
in our homes
in our heads
in our hearts
what will we become
will anyone even notice
in a world full of hungry animals



that hurt
right in the gut
trying to silence me
any way you can
you tried the face
but I don’t hold truck with looks
you tried withholding food
but I have other things to feed me
you tried screwing with my head
but I have other reserves
you don’t even know about
untying my robe
that I kept on for comfort
trying to bate me
baring me
to your gaze
but something you can’t understand
is that I’m not afraid
of pain of flesh
when it’s so fleeting
it’s the soul searing pain
of the loss of your touch
and the emptiness
I face without your words
I fear
so hurt me
and I’ll know you’re still there

Will the Magic be Gone?

They moved together restlessly
She with hesitation
He with impatience
She knew things he did not
He understood things she never would
Exploring, guiding, testing, discovering, tensing, releasing, breathing
He reached, touched
Her body smiled
He understood the where and when, cause and effect
Like a scientist mixing vital chemicals creating a reaction
She was carried on a wave
Despite herself
Despite what she knew, how it would end
He moved in ferocious tempo
Moved to unveil secrets
She stopped with
“Will the magic be gone?”
Hesitation, empty platitudes.
“When you see me, the magic will go “
He created a new wave
She let herself be distracted
Closed her eyes.
Let go.
As he looked, she dissolved into warm light.
She was gone.
He was grasping at shadows and light
She could see, not feel
He could touch but not see
Too far apart
Dimensions to cross
She knew this world of illusion
He understood transience of flesh
They moved slowly
To find a way either back or somewhere else
She with patience
He with disbelief
Exploring, reaching, holding, tasting, hoping, being.

Story Published

Please take a few moments and check out this beautiful magazine, Bohemia. I am very happy to be included with such a lovely melange of images, poems, and stories.

battle to love

finding you
traversing the battlefield
obstacles in the way
it’s war, they say
between lovers
trying to find their way
choosing words, clothes, manners
but getting burned
all the while
by apathy or disgust, despair
loneliness being a spectre
the warzone becomes common ground
all parties equally lost
but searching
niceties set aside
for heartfelt declarations
there are no heroes
or Purple Hearts
just broken hearts and trails of tears
littering the path
to love
and sunshine
and a new day
when the rain washes away
the wounds
the battle scars remaining
as badges
to build dreams upon