Poem Published in Anthology


I am proud to be part of this FINAL issue of Skive. “This issue celebrating 10 years of publishing is 324 pages featuring 129 STORIES/MEMOIRS/POEMS from 103 Authors, and Art & Photography from 5 talented artists.”



not frightened

I’m not frightened of the dark
or of the whispering wind as we fly high above the treetops
I have no fear of falling
or of giving up
I’m not afraid of pain real or imagined
in your arms
this night is full of magic
I only fear I will forget
these moments that seem to gilded to be true

moody ruing

it’s so easy, too easy

to share when it’s just words

but try to pry open my heart

you’ll find it’s a messy business

filled with unsolicited soliloquies

and moody ruing

corner store #1

there’s a cowboy at the corner store
a showgirl in his truck
he’s dusty from the trail
she’s covered in stale glitter
I can think of six stories
and two limericks
right away
but catching his sad eyes
and her vacuous gaze at the horizon
I reckon on leaving their story
just a picture in my mind

the press

falling somewhere between needing a winch or a ratchet
to get out of bed and hurl my thoughts to the ether
lining up the letters on the iron press
hands sticky and stained with ink

did Ben Franklin realize the eventual turn of publishing
would turn to posting inane chatter and horny thoughts
and silly pet pictures and pithy quotes
and where was I going with my hammer

what I really need is a shovel or a spade
to bury myself deep within you
and if hardware and tools aren’t sexy enough
next time I’ll try sugar and fairy dust