slam poetry

he wouldn’t kiss her
but he’d screw her blind
slam her with poetry
blowing her mind
thrusting with phrases
up against the wall
spotlight trained
pants around ankles
no whispers
or platitudes
nothing empty
everything full
bursting with life
coming with applause
she’d scream for more
he’d softly rhyme
she’d cry out
he’d repeat more of the same
streams of consciousness
trickling under skirts
Latin and nonsensical praise
leading to a finale
starburst poetry
where skin met skin



gathering thoughts

in the dark morning
sputtering rain

outpacing the heartbeat

waking with a tendril 

afraid to move 
for fear of losing it

what was that phrase?

it had been perfect!

now it was a garbled mess

with opening hands

the tendril
was free to roam

she quaked

throwing the coat over a chair

throwing propriety right out the fucking door

bourbon burning a memory in her throat

she unfurled what was kept in a tight coil
all day
stripping bare

she closed her eyes and danced

swaying gently at first

slowly with her hips
keeping time

her heavy breasts
marking an aching rhyme

her lower lip
in her teeth

she felt the beat

moving more forcefully, righteously

she took over the room

in a primal flash

she was all and nothing

she held answers with no questions

the chair was empty
but she was not

the music quieted and faded to nothing

but her thrumming continued

as the very room quaked with her

for her

Debut Poetry Collection Published

Just in time for the holidays (is there ever a bad time for poetry?), my first published book is now available! Check it out! Tell your friends! Tell people you don’t know!

My first published book coming soon!!

I will be publishing my first book of poetry very soon. “Rum and Remembrance” will be offered as both an ebook and a printed version. Details will be forthcoming. I’m very excited!