ride the storm

thunder beckoning
halting whispered sighs

clouds settle in
drenching fires

following the storm
hard to tell where we end or begin


better than any dream

pull the comforting blanket
of darkness over us
until we are buried within
our own secret world
we’ll see what’s kept for night
exploring valleys and paths
tasting of richness
never to lose our way
swept in a corner
together we’ll dwell
it’ll be better than any dream


stepping lightly
among germinated fields
brushing fingertips
along youthful exuberance

sipping dew drenched lips
through misty afternoons
blinking back webs
to return to the moment

tripping slowly
with unreal fascination
laughing silently
in blatant abandon

trompe l-oiel

keeping the pitying smile in check
as she railed against all I was
battering me with insults
I knew exactly what she meant
even as she blamed everyone else
for her turmoil
she itemized my perfection
my ivory tower and knight
my unblemished countenance
while ignoring the blatant scars
I camouflaged tenderly
dismissing my tear tracks
blind to all I had that wasn’t real

she saw scenery
thinking it was the whole play
I think she must have nodded off
during the second act

long day

take me
your arms are strong
I’m tired
this shell is cracking
hold me
I’ve not much left
tell me
it’s almost done