on my shelf when it’s quiet

back from frolicking amongst ferns
watching them uncurl
with abandon

clutching small stems of crushed buds
pretending it’s not sad
they won’t get to bloom

opened a page from a favorite writer
floating amid his images
of bears and cellists and stars

knowing it was an unremarkable day
doesn’t diminish mine
for I held magic awhile

needing to touch another frolicker
I can always find him where I need him
on my shelf when it’s quiet


take away

lined and worn
I’ll take the calloused fingers
curled around that cup of coffee

I sit in shadow
watching the veins throb in his hand
almost hearing the thoughts
the worry and the pain

I’ll take the callouses
and the thoughts
throwing them far
let the sun burn them away
like morning mist

reclaiming breath

we should have gathered
our things
– our thoughts –
before the tooth fairy’s twine
ran too low on the spool
but there’s always such a rush
of fools
squandering the sweet first air of morning

breathe and move as one
it’s your body and mind to keep

we should reclaim
our reins
– our thoughts –
before we forget our hauntings
growing tired in spirit
but there’s always more
to explore
setting alight a wanton heart

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“almost abandoned”

I know what it’s like
carrying a shell
not empty
but lashed together
to last another season
rusty nails poking at empty signage
wavering cobwebs
grasping onto moving, living breezes
relieved at nightfall
away from harsh eyes
solace from pinprick voices
left with bits of broken iron heritage
fading into dust of uncharted roads