shake a memory free

the last time I remember
waking up taking for granted
another sunny sparkling day
had to have been
when I spent more time
looking at how the sky
so very blue
looked against a rusty swing chain
when I noticed
wonderfully warm
melty cookies on the counter
forgetting yellow-brown linoleum
and orange shag carpet
when lacing up sturdy shoes
was a momentous occasion
I celebrated alone
the next time I feel as free
will be bittersweet
since awareness of anything else
has colored my mental Polaroids


saturnine no more

walking slowly
into a season
no clear delineation
weeds are tough flowers
green saturates

I thought the lawn was bleeding
but it was an artists’ touch
a furiously paced whirlwind flourish

in tree’s shade
melted wax crayons
I’m drunk with color

misshapen scultpure

she found him gloriously misshapen
in a way that few could detect
he found her tragi-comic
in a way that could not be ignored

is this where we throw in random snacks
and sundries

jotting down plans on greasy menus

they fit each other’s gaping holes
to great effect
leaving space like a sculpture
for moss and fungus to fester and grow

desperately grasping at a moving sidewalk
for balance

measured steps in the woods

so taken
with sounds
of whistling
and muffled steps

could walk
in circles
new sights at every turn

so lost
in time
and thought
let me linger

hungry loons

so close to that other side
please don’t go
and leave me here

dampness only works
when we share heat
and banter

a taste of you
has only made me
more hungry

there’s so much
I forgot

I know I’m not a dayglo kitten

itchy to strip away
all I can reach
I’d be raw

dousing rage
doesn’t work well

but to feel unfiltered breezes
would be worth the burn

you’re not an answering loon

cool ripples moved
across carefully designed

you know how delicious
it feels to savor muck
with me

we’re immeasurably right
touching skin and hair
and teeth

let’s answer hunger by moonlight