storm watch

rustle in the trees
dissonance grows with thunder
air gathering weight

flowers lay open
swirls of insects tell the time
waiting for the break

earth breathes and cries out
to be christened in the storm
flashes leading home


sun to moon we dance

eerily hollow the trees begin to sing
sway amid woods’ embrace
songs without words brush green and deep
held close in summer’s grace

carry light

dappled right

alighting softly on long forgotten moss
turn into caressing wind
join chanting of leaves’ rustling loss
spirit waits to begin

a glance at Solstice

aching heat of day sliding
amorphous plans erased
lazy long patches of laughter
grazing along ripe fruits

freckles and rainstorms
brambles and crickets
cloistering noise

as night sky joins the moon

captured lyric

didn’t realize
you were speaking in lyrics
til I heard
the whippoorwill’s vigor at night

no stutter or angst
in the plaintive cry
just simple wanting
singing true

hadn’t known
my soul was on the verge
of flight
til you captured it with your song

soaking in night

how strange the clouds
before a storm
as they remind me of horses
and crying eyes
how velvet a freshly fallen petal
soothes more than touch
to waiting lips
as memories flood
how damask night
flickers threads of gossamer hints
as secret animals chant
to heavens’ myths
how smooth the ice
as it numbs my breast
only to be fired
by your tongue