remember yes

out of time and place
remember lush flowers
tucked in laughing curls
echo shaking
through touch
through quiet forest light
birds’ hymns


sweet air floats
courting river’s current
layered rock cradles
hand taking hand
lips finding purchase
out of time and place
remember yes


phantom artifice

pointed out brethren in dirt below
smile of sky
promise of searing pain
his love was true

all I could collect
were bits of crockery
ripped photos

should I have admitted
I’d follow beyond trail’s end
make great haste
with artifice and rhyme

walked another neighborhood
violet sky
phantom pain in searching hands
my love was fully realized

all I want
are moments of shared breath
huddled on one pillow

light moves through a window

prints left behind
speak to a heart left to wander
eyes forming patterns
in the dust

form remains
clear as morning

tales of journeys
no ends
no beginnings
written in light

blown west
noon approaches

embossed vision
eyes take dust to sleep
limbs’ memories
dance with a new moon

peaceful parapet

warped and wounded
our threads woven
through battlevests’
loathsome comfort

we perch and await
next volley

silent rally cries
fall behind solid walls

I knew you
from your pain
before I ever knew
your face

we watch
learning our breath

feeling absence of time
cherish a rest

the floor is mine

not enough reason
to explore
the stunning revelation
tugging at my coat

shall we discuss what waits for me
I know what I want it to be

sipping my tea
almost participating
in another day
only to rebel violently inside
every hour on the hour
to keep balance

passion overtakes the script
two dimensions are not enough

I am sitting beside myself
when I’ll wake up
and dance
what I’ve imagined

the floor is mine