some days

some days fold joyfully
full of promise
like moonglow over the hills
welcoming tumbling stars
to bowing grasses
blowing in the night breeze

some days carry songs
ancient and true
through branches reaching
for warm sun’s enfolding grace
breaking breath and heart
with hopeful melody


red sky in morning

in a nod from the clock
I rose
without a derivative thought
to the tune of an eclipse

while they were all busy
with superlatives
and cosmos theories
I held my teeth in
with my tongue
wanting to cry out
since it’s been too long

am I not glowing anymore?

I can’t gather
what they don’t see
how I’m burning within
and why
can’t I go
find me
that’s a myth too
like the moon and her girdle

meet me in my garden

found what I needed
embedded in rusty edges
unbidden by quiet spiders
spinning silky death

feet slipping through soft earth
fingers shifting leaves

masking moonbeams
ripe with meaning

sometimes your stories haunt me
and I want you
to show me what lurks beneath
mossy rocks and night

nothing can frighten
a heart busy and full

meet me in my garden
we will find new songs to write


kept the flower
tucked in my hair
letting petals fall
like rain
on a sunny day

walked softly
in the woods
talking leaves
bending our shadows
footfalls like drumbeats
primal and driven

rode quietly
in the train
watching blur of trees
rush past
recalling the gasp
of our pleas in the dark

plucked my lips
between your teeth
pushing clear thoughts
like song carried
into foggy night


my trains are always leaving
whistles form a lament
we’re all alone
we choose our landscapes
brick or loam
the rest is smoke