It’s a shame to lose
a friend like a piece of chalk,
worn by grinding time
and non-cherishing winds;

if we are all dust,
some are lighter than others
and are not meant to stay.


Today’s anxiety is brought to me
by the letter G and some sort of
orangeish hungry, helmeted carpet-eater
with a penchant for numbers
and a body meant to be tossed.
But not like a salad, more like
driftwood on a stormy ocean;
but that’s telling stories
out of school, isn’t it?


Taking a tender shoot
made up of wadded seed
and affection there was no room for,
they planted an idea
and created a living monolith
full of tortured whispers of want-
it was not a place of peace
but of comfort and intimate color
lighting up the night
like counting sums that turn out right
or a hand settling in another
just right
when there’s nowhere else to turn.
They called it Spellbound
and laughed at anyone who thought it a trick
because only people can be fools,
not the heart.

Respite is over

Leaving the glade
with its lush undergrowth and quiet air
like an embrace
is like stepping away from
a lover’s arms for the last time,
knowing it’s not your place
but was a lovely respite
you would have fought to linger in
awhile longer.


Skewered and opened like an umbrella,
in full spin and dangerous
to look at with the naked eye,
he took to skyscrapers
with his special suction shoes
to prove there was nowhere
he couldn’t dance.