More Humming

There’s no tractor this night
with lights working the tired field
as October blusters
onward, shuffling into crackly leaves
and forgotten gourds,
but the hum is present
like maybe it’s always been
but I’ve not been quiet enough to hear it.


The Hum

My ears popped and I could hear
clearly- not that I knew I had been muddled-
and I was too embarrassed to ask
if anyone could hear the constant low hum
or was I hallucinating
a distant aircraft
or are they racing coupes again in the dirt
or maybe it’s farm machinery at night,
making weird associations
reminding me of a childhood
I didn’t have, with animals and fresh bread
and a porch swing…
Somehow climbing the stairs
brings fresh sounds, like an aural Alpine gust
and I think maybe I’m the only one
A sneeze is coming and I’m afraid
of losing the hum when my ears un-pop.

Curbside Utopia

In a perfect moment,
shadows would not take anyone’s place
and there’d be no need for consolation-

Touching would be everything
and no calculation would be extraneous
because we are not ever unnecessary

Concrete would be beautiful cracked
and no toll would be needed
to take the heart of me

Valiant weeds would be heralded
making their stand between your teeth
as we crest before sunset