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Andira Dodge


About ten years ago, I felt a pull to return to my creative beginnings. Ok, so those beginnings were the few years one has a child, when things are magical, there is no need to make sense, and each day is full of beautiful and fun explorations.

I never actually grew out of that phase.

But I did seem to misplace a few years. I graduated college with a journalism degree and worked in communications – from a corporate public relations firm to a non-profit theatre. I kept busy building a life, marrying, raising two children in rural Pennsylvania. I had not put much stock in taking stock at the Big Birthdays – 30, 40, 50 – but at 40, I did feel a restlessness. And a call to listen to the stories I had swirling around in my tucked-away psyche.

I started writing. Short stories (which were awful) and poems (which came surprisingly naturally). The process of writing poems felt like a relief, that there was a place for my thoughts and feelings to go – they could be observational, abstract, ridiculous.

A little late to the social media scene, I was encouraged by a friend to start my own blog where I could share my works in progress. Ten years or so later, I have published five books of poetry and my poems and photographs have been featured in dozens of publications. I am also a freelance editor, with several novels and projects published with my help over the years. 

If you are interested in my work, feel free to email me at wordrummager@gmail.com




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