The goal of my work is to help you make your work clear, consistent, and correct. I will work with you to maintain the tone of your work while polishing to make it better.

A few questions will help determine how we proceed:

1. Do you require editing for (a) grammar and typos, (b) content and tone, (c) layout and aesthetics or (d) all of the above?

2. Microsoft Word’s Track Changes works well for an editor submitting changes for author approval. This shows every change and comment highlighted, including spelling/grammar/punctuation corrections, and content comments. Let me know if you have another preference for how to manage the changes. Please understand other methods may mean more time for the editing process.

3. What is your timeline for the project? Typically, I can commit to editing about 50,000 words within one to two weeks. Often there is at least one additional round of proofing after you have made changes, taking about another week.

4. My rates are $40 per hour. For a 200- page book, I estimate it would take about 20 hours to edit and proof the material. Payment can be made in advance through Paypal.

Email: wordrummager@gmail.com

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