Each mention of the moon

makes my knees quake

and my eyes lose focus.

Ohhh yes, I let slip

under my breath…

please say it again.


A little tenderness

We scaled impossibly high places

and found ourselves burrowing,

greedy for things unseen.


He thanked me

for being an open wound.


i’m old

i’m tired

she said

but are you hungry

you look hungry

he said


was it a miracle

he knew

or did he guess

by her roving eye

was she just sad

was he bored

and did it matter

they wondered

the outside came in

in the bed, like a cocoon

like the first bed


a little bubble formed

and they dwelled inside


there were nibbles, sometimes bites

but it would not be broken


watching became habit

and they forgot to worry


love was breath

and then they awoke


The air was strange,

like fire had taken

too much oxygen.

People were polite

in a strained way

and snacks were plentiful.

No one mentioned


or anything important,

just lawns and interest rates

and a vague look or two

reminiscent of used teddy bears.

I don’t understand much

but I knew

there was something

behind the sun.

It’s there

and it’ll take us all,

regardless of nudity

or lies or whatever we say.

Thoughts and feelings

bouncing like pinballs

before an electrical storm.