a leaf fell in front of me
joining hundreds of others
to settle on the cold pond

I watched and felt things I knew
were changing and falling too

Like Gary Cooper

He has the strength
of a brittle leaf
held up, alone,
to face the sun
while everyone else
is asleep.


You were there,
between the leaves
and along the rays of sun
as they fell to the moss below.
I could hear our chatter in birdsong,
could feel you as the sun touched my face.

We have always been
so now, we are remembering.


I felt it in the water

and saw it on the sunrise,

something shifting

within the same horizon.


The unsettling I feel

is like the excitement of a child

with a wrapped present;

the gift is in the tearing away.


I hear whispers in songs

I thought I knew and new music

pouring into me

from surprising places.


A sweetness is growing

within, spilling into my days

like a refreshing breeze

across an eternal spring.


Though leaves are falling,

I am lifted beyond what I know

or care to understand

and that is finally ok.

Before the Frost

A few days ago
two rainbows brushed across
a late day sky

it seemed nobody else noticed
so I wondered if they were…
no, they couldn’t possibly be…

not meant for me.
Not in a million years.
Or have I been waiting that long

for the story to return
from the ancient garden
when we could gaze at the sun

to this cracked vessel I am now?
The sliver of moon
is hanging heavy in the valley

tonight, but there’s a star,
sparkling over running waters,
whispering “let’s not talk of sin…”

I cool my feet in the water
and reach upward for warmth; open,

there is only love