Remember being in the fog

of chemicals and bullshit

that sounded like carols

and looked like dried flowers,

useless except for the memories.

Walk through a bouquet

and come out glowing

and a little queasy.

That was the Way.

It was surely the tempest of

mid-summer when the sweetest

touch turned to a fire

before a gentle numbing.


a small town morning (aprons and bow ties)

a flag rustles limply

doors unlocked, awnings unrolled

old dolls on the table beneath the canopy

cobwebs heavy with dew

smell of diesel and coffee and manure

porch flowers opening

waving with a morning paper

vegetables sold by the side of the road

A fence foreshortened

It’s always the sidewalk with the fence

alongside, draped with green things

and beautiful flowers

I’m not really worthy to see.

I want to touch, to bring the blessing

to my heart, but there’s a moral line

and I’m usually on the wrong side,

so I leave beauty alone and follow ruin.

It’s the honeysuckle and sunshine

with shadowy sins between the stems

and I’m not sure which

draws me closer.

Days of fur and daisies

Sasquatch picked his teeth

with the raw milk sign

– it was very rebel-without-a-cause


Pickets were peeling

white flecks like summer snow

while phantom footsteps lurched

toward the lake road


I twisted the apple stem as hard as I could

to make the letters of your name

because my chin wouldn’t turn yellow

and I didn’t want to dismember a daisy


A lavender leviathan ate the day

so we chased clouds until sunset,

at least in my dream


He read aloud gently, balancing on one leg

then another with his plumed pen

held aloft.

A giant walked behind the pavilion

in a hunt for food to throw on the fire,

“Omega” tattooed on his Buddha belly

and thick glasses steaming in the dusk.

Mermaids dallied by waters edge

bobbing for bits of bread.

Smoke spiraled slowly through sticky air

and yellow flowers folded themselves up

as sun slipped away.