Light barely penetrates

moss by the side door


The locks are loose

after so many years of jiggling


A new fire is waiting

near the wall- if we’re not too tired


Two eggs sit untended, fallen from nests

now even snakes can’t be bothered


I hope I don’t forget to look again

when the lilies-of-the-valley push through


I’ve become old and clumsy

and unsteady in new ways


The day was full of wind and laughing

but there was a great big hole without you


Evening brought a cool sheen

to cover any green left of the day

No rhyme or reason

Unexpected –

unfolding long limbs into flight

patterns, pausing only to laugh

before setting sights somewhere

just beyond the sun.

He shines enough

to make a pocket of space

seem like home

for a little while.

Equations roll off his tongue

and they sound like heroic sighs

after the world has been saved,

even when the landscape has exploded

leaving us holding pieces of ourselves.

He glides quietly

yet firmly through to tomorrow

plundering memories

then tossing them

into stories to be carried away.


You can tell time is passing by the flowers

The lilies-of-the-valley are almost ready.

The roses are stretching their roots.

There’s a tree dying out front.

The stones are stalwart.

It’s windy here most of the time.

The sun pulls the sky to and fro.

I move about inside, fluffing my nest.


She didn’t notice her umbrella was broken.

He strutted nude in the dark.


It seems she was someone else

when there was an interminable fracas.

He tried repeatedly to recreate the rhythm

of things falling apart; it made her smile.

Neither smiled when they kissed.


He didn’t mention the coming rain.

She shimmied as the wind changed.