Take a Walk


My kids roll their eyes as I stop to take yet another picture. This time, it was a dew-drenched spider’s web. “Why do you take so many nature pictures?” they ask. “You must have a million shots of flowers and trees and stuff,” they say in their childhood- approved hyperbole. “You can never have too many pictures of trees,” I tell them. “Why?” they ask earnestly. Before I embark on a soliloquy of why I love the mighty structure of trees and the delicate strength of flowers, I pause, realizing my children may need a gentle reminder of what’s important and beautiful and valuable. Time to put away gadgets and take a walk.

4 thoughts on “Take a Walk

  1. A luxurious, curiously melancholic reverie–perhaps because it brings home the fleeting nature of childhood and the bittersweet beauty of those, oh so precious, shared moments that we remember and cherish throughout our lives. The image is spellbinding too.


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