kept the flower
tucked in my hair
letting petals fall
like rain
on a sunny day

walked softly
in the woods
talking leaves
bending our shadows
footfalls like drumbeats
primal and driven

rode quietly
in the train
watching blur of trees
rush past
recalling the gasp
of our pleas in the dark

plucked my lips
between your teeth
pushing clear thoughts
like song carried
into foggy night

riding fence posts

When time is set aside
for hardware and recipes
and difficulties arise
remembering why
you liked burning wood.
It’s no joke to swallow whole
days filled with hazy moths.

Want outshines split fence posts.

Walking perimeters concentrically
tallying stumbles along a path
kicking licked stones aside.
Nothing epic in a cooling pie.

Playing numbers eschewing letters
in games too painful
gaining trail dust with shuffling.
Alone is not better with large bites.
Perhaps that’s reason enough
meeting and parting
soaring hawks marking our time.

autumn mirage

hazard a breath

crimson dew

burnt leaves

choking reach

afraid to look

autumn mirage

crumbled steps

rising spire


blinking cries

hidden corners

cool moss

brittle path

whispering water

yellowed leaves

pressed veins

silent growth


holding breath

taking a step

lingering smoke

woven stares

tipped to tears

careful touch


invisible embrace


treasure buried

weakened sun

tangling fingers

far away path


feet mired

smiling shell

imaginary fortune

clever guide

his sleek dark feathers

lead tears

to float on a wind

remnants of another season

meant to be left behind


sweet, my heart

ghosts are not meant for daylight

or for the living to cling to

clever guide

pulls and twists

until eyes look forward

instead of behind


with no thought

to time or space

follow light

a new landscape beckons

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