hungry loons

so close to that other side
please don’t go
and leave me here

dampness only works
when we share heat
and banter

a taste of you
has only made me
more hungry

there’s so much
I forgot

I know I’m not a dayglo kitten

itchy to strip away
all I can reach
I’d be raw

dousing rage
doesn’t work well

but to feel unfiltered breezes
would be worth the burn

you’re not an answering loon

cool ripples moved
across carefully designed

you know how delicious
it feels to savor muck
with me

we’re immeasurably right
touching skin and hair
and teeth

let’s answer hunger by moonlight

I’ve been plucked and laid
across a world of
saccharine beauty
and cool intellect
my feet don’t touch
the ground here

I miss the pretense
of a better tomorrow
and castles of music

there’s no guarding the heart
when the mind’s at play

reclaiming breath

we should have gathered
our things
– our thoughts –
before the tooth fairy’s twine
ran too low on the spool
but there’s always such a rush
of fools
squandering the sweet first air of morning

breathe and move as one
it’s your body and mind to keep

we should reclaim
our reins
– our thoughts –
before we forget our hauntings
growing tired in spirit
but there’s always more
to explore
setting alight a wanton heart

resisting paths

should this be time
of relentless celebration
flailing and chanting
cockeyed moon jabbers
with one foot stuck in muck

warmer winds render kites
tools to a dimension
between moist hindrances to clear vision

do you know the way west
in the dark
in the rain
with eyes shut
I don’t believe you

tailored temptations right buoys
floating in a slipstream
between paths of least resistance

let’s play outside

maneuvering through
with you
prickly thickets gore
but all I feel
is your hand that has grabbed mine

wafting aroma of decay
settles in like fog
but all I sense
is your warm musk enveloping me

running along brambly hedgerows
closer to town
dimly aware of people nearby
but all I hear
is your laughter
rich and filling

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