take away

lined and worn
I’ll take the calloused fingers
curled around that cup of coffee

I sit in shadow
watching the veins throb in his hand
almost hearing the thoughts
the worry and the pain

I’ll take the callouses
and the thoughts
throwing them far
let the sun burn them away
like morning mist

if you run

if you run long enough
the blur becomes
a welcome pattern

if you run fast enough
the air rushes by
too fast to be contained

if you run hard enough
the life you carved
will wear away

if you run away
you’ll only find
you run in circles

run with joy
run with abandon
run from nobody
run to feel the wind

Shine On Award

I am so happy to connect with other writers and honored to nominated by http://seriouslysav.wordpress.com/ for the Shine On Award!

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Seven Things About the Word Rummager:
1. I own every “Columbo” episode on DVD
2. I have a copy of every Kurt Vonnegut novel
3. My favorite color is periwinkle
4. I have a journalism degree from Temple U. (go Owls!)
5. I live in the country
6. Tea is my beverage of choice
7. I love fireflies at dusk in summer

Some blogs I like to follow:

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14. http://seriouslysav.wordpress.com/
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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It is a pleasure and an honor to be nominated by peers, namely http://littlewritelies.com for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

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Some favorites that I’d like to nominate for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

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15. your blog may make this list of favorites soon!

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