Autumn Chill


will there ever be a day when he won’t be like a sliver under my skin
or will I always carry the painful burr
a reminder of the finer times
when fun was important
learning was exciting
every place was exotic
sleep was a luxury
the way he whispered my name felt like spring rain
the way he laughed felt like summer sun
I’m on the verge of autumn
and it hurts like a chill to the bone

Urban Purgatory


I’ve been driving for what feels like days
Turning onto one wrong road after another
The buildings get taller and closer as I seem to be headed to a forgotten part of the city
Oily gloom
Dank recesses
Mysteries seep through the cracks of the condemned
But there are no souls to be found
Are they there but I can’t see?
Have they been lost to the fog
Or is this place deserted
An urban purgatory
Filled with rubble and trash

I slow but am not brave enough to stop
The one-ways seem to lead me astray
The signals are crisscrossing each other
Confusion reigns
There’s no one to ask direction
I have no inner compass
There is no path not not taken
The streets have been whored out with signs and graffiti
How will I even know when I get to my destination
It all looks the same
Crumbling castles
In a desolate city ruin.

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