take away

lined and worn
I’ll take the calloused fingers
curled around that cup of coffee

I sit in shadow
watching the veins throb in his hand
almost hearing the thoughts
the worry and the pain

I’ll take the callouses
and the thoughts
throwing them far
let the sun burn them away
like morning mist

in the park

bunched denim propels thought to bicycles
picnic under the stars only worked for Fitzgerald
straw men with fast hats rode clean
gas station attendants played banjos for company

copper keys on green necks
opened secret gardens long thought dead

sweet candy contraband revels in a cause
twirling calliopes steamed town’s window shoppers
thoughtful rodents hoard ink
somewhere waxed mustaches danced

better than any dream

pull the comforting blanket
of darkness over us
until we are buried within
our own secret world
we’ll see what’s kept for night
exploring valleys and paths
tasting of richness
never to lose our way
swept in a corner
together we’ll dwell
it’ll be better than any dream

I think I’m awake

not sure at this moment
which part was real
and which part was a dream
I just know your warmth flooded me
and you were delicious

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