a new tether

at the end of a tether at the end of the week
there’s no backing off from our need
so much to write
not enough to say
stumbling and tripping
over useless thoughts
nobody will stand in our way
in the face of such depravity
most will choose to look away
these flimsy ties to what’s real
are remarkably strong
but demand abandoning hope
casting away dreams like demons
you get pushed, so push back
there are no safe words or rules that apply
moving, not stopping is the only way
to keep from being stuck in one place
thoughts will swirl
around wounds that fester
healing kept at bay
by picking at scabs
raising scars
that most will never know are there
but we greet the world
with these gaping wounds
needlessly trying to fill them
with something besides ourselves
when our whole being
can only be whole
if we be ourselves
jump off that rope
climb a new tether
find something new within