On the sultry summer night

Walking felt like gliding
Wind sweeping slowly through my hair
Carrying the heady scent of roses

Only a sliver of moon shone
Lighting the way
On the long forgotten path

Hedgerows hid the night fairies
Stars held lovers’ secrets
I only had to walk to you to make it all true

We’d laugh at the stories
Sing to the sweet night music
Dance to the wind

I must be getting close
My heart is gaining a staccato beat
While my breath is just out of reach

Will it always be like this
My thoughts scattered to other planes
When I think of you

There is the glow of home
Just ahead and I am so full
With warm thoughts on this summer night

Thinly Veiled Night


In the thinly veiled hours of night
there was nary a sound
but of the moon stretching
it’s light reaching dark corners
forgotten in the day
sleep would not come this night
with such roiling thoughts and emotions

such little minds sweeping us along
why the hurry to the other side
who are they to toy with us
when we’re already too far gone
on the precarious limb
but there’s a higher spot on the tree
where the stars feel so close
it gives a glimmer of hope
to even the darkest watcher



Would you take me
just outside
when the party still rages
people laughing
glasses clinking
music humming

I’m humming too
deep in my core
where I await your touch

Will we embrace here
by the window
when the stars appear
dusk ebbing
lips meeting
bodies thrumming

The night’s thrumming too
deep in its core
where it awaits our abandon

Lucid Night


More lucid in the clear dark night
The starkness of day washed away
It only seems too late to make a change
But instead of one day ending
Why can’t it be another beginning
Choices have been winnowed to precious few
And in all honesty were there ever really choices at all
Or just one path with many diversions

When the feet are tired of trudging along
The grey matter takes up the case
Coming up with solutions where no problems existed
Still staring at star dials and maps
Looking for some sense of time or direction
The night echoes the day

Thankful for cloudless nights
Stars are shown brightest
When all the house is quiet
Only breathing and crickets to be heard
There is a brief real moment
All fits together
Every thought, feeling, creature, color
Then it’s gone at the next blink of an eye

Wide Awake


Wide awake
it hurt too much to sleep
and when pain ebbed
the numbing was even worse
Just thinking of the right words
something, anything
to make it right again
was enough to make anyone crazy
Curling and tossing on the bed
such a hollow feeling
a glaring reminder of being alone
even if someone else was there
These hours locked away
in the dead quiet of night
stole sane thoughts
and left all bereft
Rest would not come
when so much was wrong
if there were ways of turning the tides
they may be vetted in the dark