are there dreams at night
you can bring out in unforgiving light
or is it always dark where you are

are there wishes you fish for
but getting lost in the teeming rubble
makes you forget your intent

are there too many voices
crying in chaos yet in unison
or can you still pick out mine

do you bleed and spew
just to show you grew
did you learn you were never whole

are the images too stark
to make you retreat to the dark
or will you keep the lights on

we bend

time seems to bend

like a Dali clock

sort of warped and messy

when I’m with you

or talk to you

or think of you

I feel like myself

during our time

sort of warped and messy

with no constraint

or restraint

or construct to hinder us

still standing

I’m slayed
amazed to still be standing

oh it was so worth it
the waiting
the anticipation
the hopes I kept
on the blackest nights
are dim now looking on

the other side
is a richer green tasting sweeter

the words I’m fumbling for
seem inadequate
not enough
the thrill of right now
washes over
and I won’t be able to look back much longer


thoughts are coming slowly
there’s so much to say
it’s like skipping through syrup
getting tripped up by my own feet
falling over my tongue
no one wants to wait
to hear what finally comes out
they’re too busy laughing
at the spectacle I’ve made

change is in the air

Why it seemed different, she could not have explained. Watching the rays of sun as they danced through the leaves, feeling the crisp breeze that told of colder days to come, the day seemed so very ordinary. But in that place inside herself where she kept secrets, she felt the change unfurling. Kind of like looking an animal in the eye and feeling that basic connection. Sort of like knowing a storm is coming even when the sky is blue and cloudless. The same instinct rippled through her, letting her know to be ready. Change is in the air.