Autumn Chill


will there ever be a day when he won’t be like a sliver under my skin
or will I always carry the painful burr
a reminder of the finer times
when fun was important
learning was exciting
every place was exotic
sleep was a luxury
the way he whispered my name felt like spring rain
the way he laughed felt like summer sun
I’m on the verge of autumn
and it hurts like a chill to the bone

Perfect Like a Fall Sweater


Wrapped and curled up in soft words and dulcet tones
His gaze warms me like a sweater on a crisp fall day
Our cozy corner of the world
Smells of wood burning and tastes like caramel
I let his taste flow through me
While he cannot seem to stop his hands from smoothing over me

We’re timeless
Our search never ending within each other
Whether it’s soft sand or dry leaves beneath our toes
We are only aware of our season
With flavors and colors collected from our travels
And kept in perpetual shadow boxes

Enveloped in a haze of smoke and jazz
Smoke swirls above and drifts toward the early stars at dusk
We are fused in a contented joy
alone it seems even in crowds
I pull him closer and he holds me tighter
and we’re perfect like a sweater on a crisp fall day

Porphyria’s Season


She was fine with the solstice but the equinox got her every time.

He told her she was just the same as everyone else.
She thought that was not true all the time.
Someday she’d be someone’s The One and not a stand-in For Now.

She was an expert at transition
But could not abide consistency.
She didn’t see a calm pond but saw a stagnant cesspool.

She’d sing to the songs the breeze carried
He’d try to pin her like a moth to a board
When she really wanted the flame carried on the wires.

Had she really been told she could do anything
Or was that a daydream like the others?
What a lie if true, what a story if not.

There were constraints binding her to the Now but not her mind which delved into Then and Again.

For every change she built a pattern
For every room she’d create a space
In her vision he glowed like starlight
In her ears she sang for herself alone.

He thought he knew her seasons but she surprised him just the same.

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