no need to keep eyes open
since I go by how it feels in the dark
distractions of line and contour
fade with the explosion of taste

seldom does sound have effect
except when wind brushes grasses
or rain slides down window panes
then bodies sigh with the elements

ride the storm

thunder beckoning
halting whispered sighs

clouds settle in
drenching fires

following the storm
hard to tell where we end or begin

I think I’m awake

not sure at this moment
which part was real
and which part was a dream
I just know your warmth flooded me
and you were delicious

a dirty little coffee shop

they met in a dirty coffee shop
the one around the corner from the one with the fancy pastries
they sat at the wobbly table
the air thick between them
with smoke and cream and tension
he was a gentleman
she wasn’t a nice girl
they both had the same idea though
about where this was going
dialog was superfluous
their eyes held the only truths
that would never be spoken aloud
but just maybe whispered
in the glow of the flickering streetlight
as they walked to the nearest bed
seeking something to fill
their thoughts, their hearts, or just the time
breathing in the feeling of real life for a moment
while spitting out the staleness of crushed hopes
they’d meet again at that coffee shop
again and again until they were full

Their Well Worn Groove

The window was open
So she climbed in
He awaited her in the dark
You look different, he said
You feel the same, she said
Long shadows from the moon sliver
Led them to their common ground
Where they could begin
Again and again
With velvet touches
Whispers matching the sultry night
This is one time softness is a gift
When the shell is allowed to crack
Without fear of any future
But fear of everything else at bay
Now is not the time for thought
No conversation needed
The needle sinks into the record’s groove
And they’re played
Again and again
Too soon she’s walking down the hill
While he watches from the window
Their song will play another day
They will ride the well-worn groove
Again and again.