Debut Poetry Collection Published

Just in time for the holidays (is there ever a bad time for poetry?), my first published book is now available! Check it out! Tell your friends! Tell people you don’t know!

Poem Published in Anthology


I am proud to be part of this FINAL issue of Skive. “This issue celebrating 10 years of publishing is 324 pages featuring 129 STORIES/MEMOIRS/POEMS from 103 Authors, and Art & Photography from 5 talented artists.”

HIP poetry published

The nice people over at HIP Literary Magazine published my poem, “Tell Me Our Story.” Check it out, along with other interesting stuff. Really.

The Child Remains

I’ve often wished for beauty
I think I had it once upon a time
I found an old photo
Where my eyes shone
I was a child
Who only knew simple things
like love, fairies, and dreams
But then somewhere
along the way
that shine was taken
wrested from me
And with each blow of the fist
and each threat of the belt
every hateful, ugly word
came a little more of the world
with its fear, anger, confusion

I don’t think I can be
beautiful again
any shine I’ve tried to put back in my eyes
was chemically induced
and never lasted
But I can aim for dreams and fairies and love
in no particular order
because of that photo
where a child had hope
and thought she could be anything
before anyone could tell her otherwise
and I think somewhere inside
that child remains
and I love her

Poetry Published

The wonderful folks at Writers Haven have published a few more of my poems. Take a moment to check it out along with some of the other wonderful features on their site.

“We are proud to associate with the poet Word Rummager who has sent us the Immaculate Collection of poems. She has been a regular contributor of both poems and short stories. This month’s poems are astounding.”