reclaiming breath

we should have gathered
our things
– our thoughts –
before the tooth fairy’s twine
ran too low on the spool
but there’s always such a rush
of fools
squandering the sweet first air of morning

breathe and move as one
it’s your body and mind to keep

we should reclaim
our reins
– our thoughts –
before we forget our hauntings
growing tired in spirit
but there’s always more
to explore
setting alight a wanton heart

I have been published in a tumblr journal, A Literation. Check out my poem along with other works amid a lovely layout.



city hordes

sweeping through hordes on city streets
almost getting crushed in the swarm
pushing aside automatons
hurrying to get to where they already are
everyone is so damn busy
to make eye contact, to smile
to be reminded they are human
even for a second
scanning vacuous gazes
sometimes catching wild eyes
but those are mine
in the storefront window

keep going

transparency is transient
hesitancy can be costly
greediness is dangerous
honesty can be difficult

whether you dig or climb
there’s treasure to be claimed
no matter if you understand it
the art will survive beyond our sight

busyness beguiles
creativity can be consuming
accolades are addicting
continuing is the challenge

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