Lost Within

I thought I would be lost in the chaos
That I had to have order and precision and discipline
That all things had to be in neat rows
In order
Including my dreams
I had no idea that there is a beautiful tableau
When you just let go
That nature forms its own patterns
That we can live those exquisite swirls and lines

But I walked awhile all alone
And saw grasses blowing in a tempest
And water sluicing downhill over rocks
The wind and water drawing perfect lines over all they touched
The sky looked a tangle of clouds and the trees a blur of leaves
But I had no complaint
It looked like chaos
But I knew there were patterns
I just had to look differently

So I let myself float on possibility
Let words flow from my fingers
Embraced a little chaos
Saw lines unfurling in ways I had not predicted
The wind and water swirled
And I felt the strings loosen around me
Fewer tethers
And it was beautiful
And I was where I needed to be.


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