I Think I’m Having A Breakdown

Wild eyes filled with ideas that feel strange
Hard to see behind the light’s glare
Can’t focus beyond the wayward grasses blowing
Forgetting to pay attention to the importance around me
So if the games continue and the show goes on, what part do I play?

It’s going by too fast to find my footing
The scenes are changing so quickly I can’t think straight
I’m assailed with warm breezes and then I see it
A tall flower looming above the plain by the sound of the road
It holds me, transfixed, wondering at its reach
Hoping it finds what it’s looking for.

Do we have to travel for redemption
Or is it perched on a branch and we just have to climb a little
Out of our holes of despair and apathy
Before I can continue that thought I blink
And instead of grasses or flowers my sightline’s fuzzy, out of focus.

I’m getting older and my dreams are fading
Too full of tactical moves and tasks
Just want to slow down, breathe
There may be a path hidden by the undergrowth
Most won’t look hard enough, they like the smooth way
But I like wildflowers and fossils and looking under rocks.

Is it crazy to hear the stream speaking?
Hearing words of praise from moving water beats condemnation from those close
Skin prickles with the sun’s rays
I shouldn’t move too far from the stream
There’s no shade in the field.

No welcoming branches to hold me close
Feet keep moving though the mind wants to rest
The air is stifling and the heart slows
I can see an oasis on the horizon
Mine has books and trees and wine
All I need until the end of all things.

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