So very, very tired
My hands are shaking too much
There’s no handle for me to hold
My legs are about to buckle
I hope no one minds
I need a spot
in the middle of the floor
To hunker down
Curl up and rest my eyes
So nice and quiet
Underneath polite chatter
By all means
Proceed with your business
I just can’t remain upright
Sitting’s no good
The waves pour over me then
And when I’m sodden
I fall
All my joints are bent
No straight lines
I’m so tired I can’t see where my feet would take me
Please just let me lie here
Your voice, though faraway,
heralds the dose of reality I need
My eyes though shut allow flickers
light and sound seep in
This is nice
Maybe dreams will visit me here
If no one minds me dozing
in the middle of their neat little plans


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