beat of the night

it was too loud
but the din seemed to fade
when unwanted thoughts came forward
ears were full of numbing sounds
pulsing of the bass
pounding of the drums
people were packed tight
writhing like sea serpents
in an ocean of thrumming music
bodies moved all on their own
while errant thoughts crept in
skin touching
hips swaying
feet following patterns on the floor
but in the mind’s eye
there they were
snuggled under a quilt
on a Saturday night
tucked in early
staying up late
talking and loving for hours
not here in a warehouse-turned club
where the cool people go
to claim they are celebrating life
when they are really just escaping mediocre reality
the mundane that we all face
the rhythms of the day
so they try to forget amidst the club rhythms
until closing time
and then even the streetlights seem harsh
showing every crevasse on the face
try to keep to the shadows
where silence is a friend
darkness is a comfort
making the trek homeward
walking greasy streets
only a few souls lurking and leering about
all wondering and worrying alike
who will take me now
will I ever be loved again
the questions fall quietly on macadam
to be picked up the next night
by others seeking answers in the beat of the night

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