Briny thoughts

navigating briny seas
salt encrusted thoughts and words
squinting against the searing sun
he was parched
gripping the rail
allowing himself to remember
just for a short while
the gentle rocking
of another journey
how she felt
her smooth lines
under his calloused hands
her curves in the light
as she moved in shadow
he would inspect her
from bow to stern
and feel the excitement
of setting out on adventures
the tales
the storms
the quiet of night
he craved something to quench his thirst
but would not move from port side
where he could best recall
her every move
how she handled
dipping and rising
how he commanded
with calm and precision
before she was gone
to another horizon
and he blamed
the spraying brine
for the errant tear that shone in his eye
best to hold fast
to the rail
and command
and plunder anew
since the waves would only push him forwards

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