Don’t ask me if I’d rather be a passenger or driver; you don’t really want the answer.

I miss the time of fingertip discovery,
when there were no folded instructions
or buttons with directions.

Today was a close call, at least…
there was a moment
when I looked out the window
(as a passenger)
and saw a ridge of trees – almost a blur
but for one limb dancing wildly
as if the wind chose to move just
that section of tree for me to see.
The way the sky looked satiny-blue
mwith just a wisp of cloud at the top/left
of my window view…
it threw me back sensorally
to the afternoon
when I was eleven
and the family was flying kites
on the hill by the school.
They stared at the sky,
in awe of clouds
while I was watching wind move grass.
I loosely held a spool
and was aware there was a kite above,
but a whole world was growing beneath 
me and I wanted to lie there for eons
and melt away into something
that could be moved by wind.

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