Pre-Dawn Insight

An epic battle took place
sometime between 1 and 3 am
this morning
in my head
and I can’t remember much of it
but I awoke with
a start and a pounding heart.
Breathless and rested
all at once.

That flash of insight
you are gifted
when relaxed
and a modicum of tension holds
at least one part of the body-
that’s the moment
when all meaning becomes clear
and nonsense is everything.
Skies were open,
the path gilded.
My song was quiet
but strong and carried far.
The only chaser
was a crooked past
and as I held still,
a storm of sun and music raged.
I have no idea what this means
to a dreamologist
and I don’t think it much matters.
I got a push
to get through Monday
and I’m rolling.


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