In the name of research

I watch a lot of things

and notice the small bits mostly,

which is frustrating

when I have to look up names and towns

of wars or inventions.

I like knowing what a person is feeling

when they’re raging or writing or walking-

is it a painful step forward or a hunger

for mashed potatoes with way too much butter

or is it melancholy for missing

the softness of touch or is it simply

curiosity about what birds

may really be thinking

or wondering is there’s such a thing

as a sentient stone

and why do we imagine how people kiss

when we watch them talk (or is that just me);

are there smaller things no notice

or are we not meant to examine

our interactions with the world

on a subatomic level or

are there larger things with more importance

than kissing, rage, and potatoes?


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