Terror and Triviality


Calm, sedate on the surface
I am
Beware of treading too close
My waters are turbulent beneath
There are tales I could tell
That would amaze and thrill
There are pictures I could draw
With just the right words
At times I’ve let loose my tongue like a serpent
A constrictor at times, with venom too
Such terrors I’ve beheld should not be swallowed
T’would be sharper than a sword to swallow
So I let fly with some spinning
Trying to pour out all the ventures
I shocked a few freaks
Right out of the circus
The fire breather can breathe on me
The contortionist can mold my body
The puzzle man with the tattoos that come to life can hold me longer with his run on sentences
Nothing compares to what I spin
With my tongue
Late at night
Around the fire
Recalling the terrors and trivialities I suffered
In my travels
Bleak neighborhoods
In full light of day
With only crows as witnesses
And some errant wild beasts for company
They consoled, laughed with me
But the laughter faded
Like the sequins bedecking the washed up aerialist
Sparkles rust and skin grows sallow
But true performers never stop
Even as flesh fails and minds snap
We can share our tales
Whether terrifying or trivial


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