Sleight of Hand


well that’s just ridiculous
shadows and sleight of hand
it’s magic, that’s what it is
why don’t we saw each other in half
and just get it over with
nobody will believe you chose me
you’re the damn ringmaster
while my spangles are tarnished
my tights are in tatters
and you shine like the noonday sun
so steady, stoic
bloody dashing, good

did you start as a lion tamer
because you’ve soothed my beast
we kissed, you cupped my cold hands
I may have set my sights too high
but never reached for the rings
I just dreamt and there you were
you fell but maybe I tripped you
we have no net now
traveling together
we’re freewheeling through space
bystanders entertained
small children delighted

I have no need of a big finish
so put away your plans
don’t you see
it’s not the high wire but the trapeze
we’re meant to fly and meet and part
and meet again
because it’s sweet
I can dust myself off
but never match your glow
but if you let me bask a little
I’ll do my part
and we’ll hold onto real magic

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