Ascent Into Mercy

New Image
Abandoned but not alone
Beaten, but past the point of no return is the sea
Finding the way to the sea
Torrid, filthy, terrifying, exhilarating
The Greek chorus telling the tale
Not thriving but surviving
This whole night’s been bad and you’re just a part of it
Such fearsome want
Despite themselves
Spinning thoughts hurled out in epithets
Spray painted by a revolutionary
Proclaiming gibberish
Too cool to translate
When even they don’t recall the meaning
They’re so far down; they’re not even on the map
Drawn together inexorably
Follies of boys
Fighting for ten square feet of ground
It’s still on
Who wants to hide
The future is ours
What about me, baby
Pushing on numbly
I’m having a good time, let’s go
You never know what you’re gonna run into out there


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