Morning has been so quiet,
I can hear the humming
of my house-
refrigerator, clock’s second hand,
whirring fan, laptop charging.
My own breath sounds enormous
and when I open a window,
birds scream and the sky laughs with wind.
I stay just inside the door,
unsettled within but not at all sure
I want to go out.
Moving freely but days ago,
shivering in place now.

I would like to tuck away
these times in-between.


4 thoughts on “In-between

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  1. This is a really nice piece of poetry. I think there’s a great sense of energy taken from the opening stanza and the way we feel a sense of being bombarded by sound. While the descriptions make me feel like the speaker is in-between places, literally speaking, they evoke a sense of being emotionally in-between metaphorical places.
    I enjoyed reading this one.


  2. Yes, and save them forever. This is very beautiful. Your visual imagery and very audible choices of words put me right there with you. This is amazing, and I love it.


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