You’ve already chosen a color

Without a fence, you don’t know
how far you can go.
It’s a bit of a surprise to have a choice.
There was a time
you barely noticed boundaries.
Now it’s like life takes place in an easy chair,
not pretty to look at but feels good
to sit awhile, to be held within the lines
of propriety and sobriety.
Content maybe, maybe not.
Restless mind inside a cozy room.
I would tell you to let your heart lead you,
let love bloom, let colors take away
the drudgery of daily life, like
stumbling on a Picasso or Gauguin in winter.
I admit I understand the appeal
of cozy over adventurous.
There is always daydreaming.
Wherever that leaves us, it’s as though
we traveled far away without leaving home.


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