Summer Pines


Could it be so much time has passed
Noone remembers that summer?
Walking through the woods
At the edge of town
Children’s laughter echoing amid treetops
I was but a child myself
Curious how you would go about slaying my dragons which I had imagined but didn’t realize you thought were real
I was not ready for the single, beautiful flower you gave me that day
And how I wish I could take back the surprise and confusion which shown on my face when you were just looking for acceptance
How it pained my young soul to see that glimmer in your eye waver
How I wanted to fix that bridge that led from innocence to awareness
We didn’t stop talking that summer
And I am so glad we ran into each other in the fall
I didn’t want you to go
I was a child and didn’t understand
Why I wanted to draw you nearer
But by winter you were gone
I found out while dancing
And I couldn’t stop
But my heart cracked
All over that icy street
Leaving me without breath
For days, weeks
I’d never again be able to ask anyone to slay my dragons
Or see rugged pines
Without thinking of that summer
And you


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